Please post your thoughts, your thanks, your reflections, here.

Thanks for all you are doing for the world of education technology. It is great to know you're out there virtually when a I have a question, and I so enjoyed meeting you in RL in Maine in October! I know after seeing you at ACTEM, the teachers I work with were so motivated and inspired to try new things in their classrooms. Best of luck with whatever new ventures you take on, I know you'll continue to be an inspiration to many teachers and their students, as well as your own students! Keep up the great work.
Alice Barr

You have been an inspiration to me in so many ways. I always enjoy reading and participating in your adventures. It has been great to be able to meet you F2F at conferences and online through your many wikis, WOW2, and networks. Enjoy all the next steps in your quest for educational technology perfection.
Sharon Betts.

As a guest on Teachers Teaching Teachers, as a participant in Youth Voices and its planning and as a blogger, you inspire and teach me. I have spent countless hours reading through your blog, your projects and your students' blogs. Your generosity of spirit and sharing rubs off on all around you. Our children are now 19 and 21 and I can tell you there is life after children! They certainly never "go away" (thank goodness) but they do get busy with lives of their own and have less time for you. The only challenge is balance all the new time as it's too easy to become a total workaholic if you love what you do! Juggle all that life offers now and you will never regret it. The juggling should always be fun and a competition of things that you love and all will stay in balance in life. Thank you for all that you model for all of us - peers and students.
Susan Ettenheim, Eleanor Roosevelt High School, NYC

It's been a pleasure getting to know you over time. Your blog, WOW2, and work with students has helped me to grow. You are so welcoming to everyone. It's that southern hospitality shining through. I experienced it first hand in Princeton. I'll miss your voice, commentary, and questions on WOW2. Enjoy this wiki and your last WOW2 show.
Ann Oro

For Vicki,
You are truly a visionary and a model for 21st century learners. Taking that step into the unknown with comfort and confidence gives assurance to others. Thank you for sharing, guiding and leading. I loved being on WOW2 in the early days. Good luck with all of your new adventures.
Patsy Lanclos

Dear Vicki:

While I don't know you well, you have touched my grad students and me with your generosity of spirit and your willingness to share your ideas and projects. You are a model of an educator willing to take risks for her students, learning and doing continually, trying new things even when it means venturing into uncharted territories. All the best with all your pursuits; I will be following you as always to see what you come up with next!
Pamela Livingston

I am continually inspired by your energy and vision and can hardly believe we met only last year at NECC. I look forward to dreaming and scheming and learning with you in the coming years!
Big hugs,

Everytime I am in one of your sessions, workshops, nings, or projects I learn something new from you! I hope to continue participating in your global projects and learning about other cultures (& language spellings!) and myself through these projects. I wish you the best in future endeavors and for goodness sake get published so I can use it in my classrooms!!mrsdurffavatar.jpg

Hi Vicki,
Thanks for all the time and work you've put into the WOW2 show. You will be missed! You and the other WOW2 team have always made me as both a "special guest" and a chat room participant feel valued and welcome. Your contributions to the show have helped to make it a Tuesday night highlight for many of us!
Pam Shoemaker,

I first "met" you on the K12online conference, followed you to Women of the Web 2, and have enthusiastically continued to follow your many endeavors including your blog, wiki, podcasts, Flat Classroom Project, Horizon Project, Atomic Learning sessions, digital citizenship advocacy wiki as well as much, much more. I will miss your contributions on WOW2 but know you will continue to lead and inspire educators throughout the world in all of your future endeavors. Your passion, willingness to share, openness to learning, willingness to take sometimes risky positions with forthrightness and personal integrity, ability to see the big picture, desire to collaboratively seek solutions to challenging issues, willingness to support newbies to Web 2.0, and above all, your commitment to improving the quality of education, both for your own students and students around the world, are an ongoing inspiration to me and thousands of other educators. Thanks for your ongoing leadership! Thanks for being a role model for all of us. And you did all of this while keeping your family and your faith as your highest priority! I look forward to continuing the journey with you over the years to come.

You are a living example of this quote from Helen Keller and have made the world a better place by doing all those things you do so well! Thank you!
“ I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do.”

Dr. Seuss: Oh the Places You’ll Go
Congratulations! Peggytech1.jpg
Today is your day.
You're off to Great Places!
You're off and away!
Peggy George,
Note: This Wordle was created by Vicki using her tags

Dear Vicki
I remember quite clearly the day, 3 years ago, that my IWB trainer mentioned to me the words "CoolCatTeacher" and "Web2.0" during a day's training release from teaching. I'd never heard of either so went home that afternoon and dutifully googled both of them. I've never looked back! When I first googled "CoolCatTeacher" I never in my wildest dreams ever thought that I, a small town teacher from Napier, New Zealand, would get the opportunity to not only talk online with you but also work online with you and when the timezone and school holidays allowed - the opportunity to tune in "live" to the weekly WOW2 show. You can only imagine my excitement when you first commented on my blog then accepted my offer for my students and I to work on the Horizon Project, then the Flat Classroom Project as a soundboard classroom. Your blog has always been an inspiration to me to not only teach my students well with what is on offer with Web2.0 but also to teach and learn with integrity.
My point is, you are real, you are generous and you are so committed, not only to the teachers around you (locally and globally) but also to the students whose world you so clearly understand. I know and understand that your family needs you and it is time to re-adjust the time you have so willingly given up to others and I'd like to thank your family for allowing us to share you with them for all of this time.
Thank you, not only for the way you have inspired me but the way you have inspired and will continue to inspire those around you.
This is a special tribute for a special lady who just happens to be an awesome educator as well!
May your star continue to shine bright and may those around you continue to be inspired and led by your light!

Chrissy Hellyer, (nzchrissy) TeachingSagittarian

Thank you for all that you've done. You have truly inspired me and made me look at teaching in a different way. I will miss you whenever I am listening to WOW2 but know that your family needs you more. I will be watching out for your future projects (and hope it doesn't look like I'm stalking! lol). Since we are practically neighbors, I hope to meet you in the future. Good luck in whatever life brings you in the future!

Pat (aka loonyhiker)
Successful Teaching

There once was a woman named Vicki
She helped many learn how to wiki
She's generous and kind
She's got a great mind
And learning really makes her heart ticky.

Vicki - thank you for being such an inspiration! All the best in your new adventures.
Cindy Marston (a/k/a LangLabCindy)

When you took time out in February of 2006 to comment on my "connected classroom" video on YouTube (before I even presented it) I began to understand how truly flat the world is. I was beyond flattered when agreed to come and speak to my group via skype. Being able to have an "expert" demo the tools, really left an impression on both me and the attendees-that someone who is so respected in the "blogosphere" would take time out to help out a new voice is really empowering. You treat everyone with whom you come in contact with grace, respect and empower them to find their voice. When folks compliment me on my blog, my ideas and my voice in talking about all things "connected" I have but one person to thank and that is YOU! Thank you for constantly challenging me to thing to think about things more deeply. Watching your projects grow year after year is inspiring. I am a better educator because of my connection to you and your work.
I have enjoyed all of our interactions both online and face to face and although your plans are taking you from the WOW2 show...I know you vision will continue to shine bright and your voice will continue to cry out...for the kids!
Best wishes
Kristin Hokanson (@khokanson)
The Connected Classroom

I think I know what Vicki will be doing after WOW2. :-) The latest buzz on the internet...She's got my vote. :-)

I'm sure this wasn't the typical way of connecting for most, but I actually met you face to face in Atlanta last year with Kathy Malsbenden. Seems like most people meet online then f2f at conferences. That evening changed the way I did my PD. I've learned so much from the show and your contributions! Such dedication to the learning of not only your students, but people you don't even know! Thanks for impacting my learning! Sheila Adams from NH
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